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I guess that's what happens when you put a man named after a chicken in office


How stupid is this man? Or least how stupid does he think we are?

We put the Perdue Chicken in office to keep Barnes from coming back (lets face it, no one was idiotic enough to vote for Schrenko) is the arguement I hear, right? So what's this foreign language crap? He didn't know that European countries teach foreign languages starting at a very young age until he just went to Europe?? What? He's a politician, and in all of his educational background, he never knew that? So give the measly $1.8 million dollars one time to just 24 elementary schools. He did say he felt sorry it could only go to the 24 out of 1200 public elementary schools in Georgia. Honorable political bullshit there. Which 24 schools you might say? Take a wild guess. That's right, the schools that have the money to continue the program after. So while good ol' Sonny is being applauded for this wonderful decision that will make Georgia's students more prepared for a global community, 98% of Georgia's public kids are only being taught English. And poorly so at that.
So yes, THANK YOU, Sonny, THANK YOU. For giving 2% our children who already have the edge another boost.
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