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Head Hunters are stupid

[Staffing Agency A] is an engineering staffing agency. I just received my third call from them. Yes, third. The first was from someone at their Atlanta office. The second was from someone at their Detroit office. The third - Tuscon, Arizona. Ack! I have now told three people inside the company personally that I am not interested in relocating and that I just only recently moved here with family. This last guy though had a brilliant strategy. After I told him that I recently moved here with family and was looking to stay in the area, he says, "oh, so it's family that is holding you back..." in a kind of under-his-breath way. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? I have my resume in their database with the clause that I am not interested in relocating. The Cincinnati guy has been emailed my resume at least three times now. I even applied for one of the Cincinnati positions they had listed and have yet to hear back about after three weeks. I am all ready to write these people off as THE most annoying people I have had to deal with in my job search.
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