Charles Keen (charliekeenjr) wrote in youre_stupid,
Charles Keen
youre_stupid Conversation

I thought I was actually having a great conversation...

::brainiac34:: hey
::charlie-keen:: evening
::brainiac34:: how are you doing
::charlie-keen:: niot bad, had a lazy day watching movies with my best friend
::brainiac34:: oh kewl
::brainiac34:: i am watching a show on neanderthals
::charlie-keen:: fun fun
::brainiac34:: gay men in other words LOL
::charlie-keen:: I just finished the latest episode of "Project Runway", I love my TiVo.. gonna dive into "Special Unit 2"
::brainiac34:: heheheh
::brainiac34:: i don ot watch a lot of television... just educational stuff
::charlie-keen:: ug
::charlie-keen:: I'll try to over look that ;)
::brainiac34:: total geek here
::charlie-keen:: I am a fantasy, SciFi, and BRAVO nut
::charlie-keen:: and a total book worm, as long as it's fiction
::charlie-keen:: total dork here
::brainiac34:: ahhhhhh awesome
::brainiac34:: yeah i tend to geek out in science and stuff
::brainiac34:: and i am working on assembling a 24000 piece jigaw puzzle
::charlie-keen:: See, I would actually enjoy the puzzle
::charlie-keen:: my fav computer game is mahjong
::charlie-keen:: (I can never spell it correctly)
::brainiac34:: OMG i am having so much fun with the puzzle
::brainiac34:: it is actually a determinant of the poteniality of a date
::charlie-keen:: Oh, how so?
::brainiac34:: if a guy does not like puzzles or feels challenged by my love of puzzles, he is not worth the time of day
::charlie-keen:: I like that
::brainiac34:: and if a guy thinks he is going to suck my ick he bettr love to put together puzzles heheeh
::charlie-keen:: I haven't done a puzzle in years... gosh, I can't believe it's been that long.
::charlie-keen:: they would have puxxles out at the campus library for people to work on when they needed a break from studying.. I'd just go in there to spend a couple of hours to do it.
::brainiac34:: kewl
::brainiac34:: i just finished two for my sister, she had been trying for a while, i put both togther in a month
::charlie-keen:: awesome
::brainiac34:: wish i was curled up in your arms sorting through puzzle pieces
::charlie-keen:: I got into them because of my grandmother.
::brainiac34:: ahhh kewl
::charlie-keen:: any chance you got a pic to go with the great personality?
::brainiac34:: *blush*
::brainiac34:: yeah
::charlie-keen:: Yea, she was the major backbone of my family.
::charlie-keen:: TX?
::brainiac34:: i am in columbus right now
::brainiac34:: but i live in san antonio
::charlie-keen:: ah, why in Columbus?
::brainiac34:: family is here, uncle passed away, so i returned to help with things
::charlie-keen:: wow, I'm sorry for your loss
::brainiac34:: thanks
::brainiac34:: he was 75, lived a great life... i am glad he did not suffer or lose too much quality of life
::charlie-keen:: that is good
::brainiac34:: but the stress has been tough... so i need some ass to fuck LOL
::charlie-keen:: lord, I didn't see that comment coming
::brainiac34:: ROFLOL
::brainiac34:: i am so bad
::charlie-keen:: I see, seriously, I wasn't expecting sex to come up in the conversation so soon.. I'm.. wowed
::brainiac34:: u have to know i am fairly jaded and bitter when it comes to men
::charlie-keen:: especially after the endearing cuddlle and crossword section of the convo
::brainiac34:: i used to try to be all nice and all, but...........
::charlie-keen:: let me put it this way, if you hadn't already come off as a nice guy, this conversation would be over
::brainiac34:: no offense, but i am not sure i would care :-)
::brainiac34:: and yes, i am an asshole heheheh
::charlie-keen:: you have a great night
::brainiac34:: fuck you faggot ass whore
::brainiac34:: get aids and die
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