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You're Stupid

and this is why

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So you have opinions
well so do we
and you're stupid

Simple Rules, though:

1. No posts to the community about somebody else's post to this community. Leave a comment. That's why that function is there, idiot.

2. You can call anything, any person, any place or a combo of the three stupid. You can be sarcastic, mean, and generally have a "fuck you" attitude. However, don't be cruel. There is a BIG FUCKING line between blowing off some steam and hate speech. Cross it, and you won't be able to post here anymore, nimrod.

3. No need to post, "hey, I'm new," entries. You will be flamed, tortured, ridiculed, and ostrecized. We'll know you're new when you make you're first entry, you ninny.

Okay, that's it for now. Have fun! And remember,